Thursday was for over eating as we celebrated October birthdays at work, chipotle instead of soccer practice, tutoring and getting paid ($$$), and now shopping to help my mom gain more self confidence. I’d say I’m ready to take on Friday but today was pretty great.


I just talked to one of my dearest friends about her recent separation from her husband.  It sounds so formal, separation.  It rocked me a bit to my core because they’ve always been a couple I admired and hoped to emulate in my own marriage some day, and it’s difficult to imagine them as anything but best friends and big supporters of one another.  As I continue to age, I learn more and more that life is hard and being a person on this planet is not the easiest job.  

With that being said, I think it’s difficult to ignore that we make choice every day that either draw us closer to our significant other or pull us away.  A series of choices that put other things between us can make a big difference in the long run, resulting in something like a separation.

It’s not easy to watch people I love hurting by people they love even more than I know.  I don’t want the life that they built together to be finished, and I hope it can be restored.  Regardless, life is hard and being a grown up stinks sometimes.